The Way of the Dark Magician

Path of the Dark Wizard

  1. Talking to the Witch Varika next to the Ceremonial Altar, Get – Seed of DespairSeed of Despair
  2. Varika mark

  3. Talk to the Witch Arkenia next to you, get – Fragrant Herbs (Hub Scent)Hub Scent
  4. Go to Annika to the School of Dark Magic, get – CandleCandle
  5. Annika mark

  6. Go to the School of Dark Magic, Hunt – Skeleton Hunter, Skeleton Hunter Shooter, until you get Knee Bone – 2 Knee Bonepieces.
  7. Back to Annika, get – Seed of HorrorSeed of Horror
  8. Talking to Charkeren on Black Stone Hill, Get – Lucky KeyLucky Key
  9. Charkeren Mark

  10. Go to Topi, Hunt – Swamp zombie until you get Family's Remains – 3 piFamily's Remainseces.
  11. Swampland

  12. Return to Charkeren on the Hill of Black Stone, get – Seed of AngerSeed of Anger
  13. Go to the Ruins of Suffering, Hunt – Skeleton Scout until you get the Heart of Madness (Heart of Lunacy) – 3 Heart of Lunacypieces.
  14. Ruins of Agony

  15. Return to the Witch Arkenia on the Ceremonial Altar, get – Seed of LunacySeed of Lunacy
  16. Arkenia mark

  17. Talking to the Witch Varika next to each other and get the reward
  18. When you reach level 20, talk to any Grand Magister in the Dark Elf Guild and get a profession – The Dark Magician