Path to an Elven Scout

Path to an Elven Scout

  1. Speak to Master Reisa in Warriors Guild Gludio, get – Reisa’s LetterLetter
  2. Reisa

  3. Go to Guard Moretti near east gate Gludio
  4. Moretti

  5. Go in Abandoned Camp, hunt – Ol Mahum Patrol, until you collect – Prias’s 1st Torn LetterLetter, Prias’s 2nd Torn LetterLetter, Prias’s 3rd Torn LetterLetter, Prias’s 4th Torn LetterLetter
  6. Abandoned Camp

  7. Come back to Guard Moretti in Gludio, get – Moretti’s LetterLetter, Moretti’s HerbMorettis Herb
  8. Speak to Prias in Neutral Zone
    Kill near – Quest Monster Ol Mahum Sentry, get – Rusted KeyRusted Key
    Speak to Prias, get – Prias’s LetterLetter
  9. Prias

  10. Talk again to Guard Moretti in Gludio, get – Honorary GuardHonorary Guard
  11. Back to Master Reisa in Warrior Guild Gludio, get reward
  12. Upon reaching level 20, talk to any Grand Master in Warriors Guild and get a Class – Elven Scout