Saga of the Evas Templar

Saga of the Eva’s Templar

  1. Speak to Master Sinden in Warriors Guild, in Aden
  2. Sinden

  3. Speak to Master Bronwyn in Warriors Guild, in Goddard
  4. Bronwyn

  5. Speak to Master Chef Donath on Hot Springs
  6. Chief Jeremy

  7. Talk to Chief Jeremy, need to comlete quest The Finest Ingredients – Part 1, get – Ice CrystalIce Crystal:
    1. Speak to Chief Jeremy near Hot Springs

    2. Chief Jeremy

    3. Hunt in Hot Springs:
    4. Back to Chief Jeremy for reward

  8. Also needed – Big White Nimble FishLineage 2, for fishing you need 23-25 lvl Fishing Expertise, can be used Fisherman’s Potion – WhiteЗелье Рыбака - Белое
  9. Bring Ingredients to Master Chef Donath in Hot Springs
  10. Back to Master Bronwyn in Warrior Guild, in Goddard, get Resonance Amulet – 1Resonance Amulet
  11. Go to first Tablet of Vision near Tower of Insolence, follow marker. Examine the stone, the Resonance Amulet – 1 will disappearResonance Amulet
  12. Tablet of Vision 1

  13. Go in Valley of the Saints. Kill Quest Monsters – Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge around the 2nd Tablet of Vision, until you get Resonance Amulet – 2Resonance Amulet. Examine the stone, the amulet will disappear.
  14. Tablet of Vision 2

  15. Go to third Tablet of Vision, south near Varka Silenos Outpost. Inspect it, will appear Quest Monster – Bound Elf Panacea, kill him and get Resonance Amulet – 3Resonance Amulet. Examine the stone, the amulet will disappear.
  16. Tablet of Vision 3

  17. Come back to Master Sinden in Warrior Guild, in Aden
  18. Needed – Divine Stone of WisdomDivine Stone of Wisdom, on choice 2 alliances:
  19. Give it to Master Sinden – Divine Stone of WisdomDivine Stone of Wisdom
  20. Go to fourth Tablet of Vision near Garden of Beasts
  21. Tablet of Vision 4

  22. Speak to Priest Cerenas in Einhasad Temple, in Goddard
  23. Cerenas

  24. We get Resonance Amulet – 5Resonance Amulet, 2 ways on choice:
    1. Go in Shrine of Loyalty, hunt – Grave Scarab, Carrion Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard, until you collect Halisha’s MarkHalishas Mark— 700, will appear Quest Monster Archon of Halisha, kill him, WITHOUT GROUP, get – Resonance Amulet – 5Resonance Amulet

    2. Shrine of Loyalty

    3. Go in Four Sepulchers, kill – Raid Boss Halishas Archon, get Resonance Amulet – 5Resonance Amulet
    4. Four Sepulchers

  25. Go to fifth Tablet of Vision, not far from Shrine of Loyalty
  26. Tablet of Vision 5

  27. Then – to sixth Tablet of Vision in Forsaken Plains. Will appear – Starling Knight Kastien and Quest Monster – Cursed Kesadein, kill Quest Monster, talk to Starling Knight Kastien, get Resonance Amulet – 6Resonance Amulet
    Examining the sixth Tablet of Vision again!
  28. Tablet of Vision 6

  29. Back to Master Sinden in Warrior Guild, in Aden and get reward
  30. Sinden