November 18 2019

Lineage History


In November 2018, the remaster Lineage, one of the key games in the genre of MMORPG, was announced. Let's remember what she is so remarkable about.

Facts about the first Lineage:

  1. The game owes its name to the manga Shin Il-Sook – Lineage.
    Manga Lineage

  2. It was in Lineage that group raids first appeared.

    Lineage raid

  3. Linage included many elements from the universe of Ultima Online, so it became a medieval fantasy.

    Lineage Siege

  4. Lineage was the first game in which there was no limit to development.


  5. Developers initially underestimated the popularity of the game. Online on the official server was – 400 players! The company began to expand the world of the game, so there was a world of Aden.

    Lineage map

  6. And finally – a small presentation of the gameplay of the upcoming remaster:

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