Majestic Leather Armor

Lineage 2 Majestic Leather Armor Majestic Leather Armor Grade А

Majestic Leather Armor

Remove the seal from armor and accessories from Blacksmith of Mammon, from armor and accessories of Grade B – A the seal is removed by the blacksmith in the city.

You can buy it from a merchant Alexandria in Giran.

You can also add a PvP bonus:

Majestic Leather Armor PvPMajestic Leather Armor PvPGrade А(Majestic Leather Armor PvP)

Reduces damage received in PvP. When the character is attacked, has a chance to cancel the enemys target.

PvP bonus cost: 1981 Fame

*after inserting a PvP bonus, it is impossible to place Life Stones, attributes, essences (for armor)