Marks – Swordsinger

Trial of the Challenger

  1. Quest comes near Kash, which stands opposite the Warehouse in Dion. Dialogue:
    • Ask what kind of Adventure is it
    • I accept


  2. Go hunt Shyslassys, stands under Undine Waterfall, guards — Cave Basilisk. Get Scroll of ShyslassysScroll of Shyslassysand Broken KeyBroken Key. Will appear Chest Of Shyslassys, open it.
  3. Shyslassys

  4. Speak to Kash in Dion, get Letter KashLetter Kash
  5. Go to Martien in Giran
  6. Martien

  7. Go hunt Gorr in the cave not far from Monster Race Track. Guards – Cave Basilisk. Get – Watcher’s 1st EyeEye, which we carry back to Martien in Giran
  8. Gorr

  9. Next target – Baraham, not far from Gorr. Kill and get Watcher’s 2nd EyeEye. At the same time, Raldo appears near. Speak to him:
    • I have come to kill the monsters threatening the villagers
    • Tell him about the Mark of Challenger and Martien
    • I will help


  10. Back to Martien in Giran
  11. Teleport in Dwarven Village, go to Filaur, hes in a round building in the center
  12. Filaur

  13. Down to the very bottom Abandoned Coal Mines. Hunt Succubus Queen and her guards – Claw Of Succubus. Will appear Raldo, get a reward
  14. Succubus Queen


Testimony of Life

  1. Speak to Master Cardien in Warriors Guild in Dion, get – Cardien’s LetterLetter
  2. Cardien

  3. Speak to Hierarch Asterios in Temple of Eve in Elven Village, get – Moonflower CharmMoonflower Charmand Hierarch’s LetterLetter
  4. Asterios

  5. Go to Thalia on east bank Iris Lake, get – Grail DiagramGrail Diagram
  6. Thalia

  7. Speak to Blacksmith Pushkin in Forge of Giran, get – Pushkin’s ListList
  8. Pushkin

  9. Go Death Pass, hunt – Wyrm, Guardian Basilisk, until you collect Wyrm’s TalonTalon— 20, Pure Mithril OrePure Mithril Ore— 10
  10. Death Pass

  11. Go in The Ant Nest, hunt – Ant Soldier, Ant Warrior Captain, Ant Recruit, Ant Patrol, Ant Guard, until you collect Ant Soldier AcidAnt Soldier Acid— 20
  12. The Ant Nest

  13. Back to Blacksmith Pushkin in Giran, get – Pure Mithril CupPure Mithril Cup
  14. Go again to Thalia to Iris Lake, get – Thalia’s 1st LetterLetter
  15. Speak to Arkenia at the Altar of Rites, get – Arkenia’s ContractContractand Arkenia’s InstructionsOrders
  16. Mysterious Dark Elf

  17. Speak to Priest Adonius in Einhasad Temple, in Gludin, get – Adonius’s ListList
  18. Adonius

  19. Go in Cruma Marshlands, hunt – Marsh Spider, until you collect Spider IchorSpider Ichor— 20
  20. Cruma Marshlands

  21. Go in Gorgon Flower Garden, hunt – Harpy, until you collect Harpy’s DownDown— 20
  22. Gorgon Flower Garden

  23. Come back to Priest Adonius, in Gludin, get – Andariel Scripture CopyAndariel Scripture Copy
  24. Talking to Arkenia at the Altar of Rites, get – StardustStardust
  25. Speak to Thalia on east bank Iris Lake, get – Thalia’s 2nd LetterLetter
  26. Thalia

  27. Speak to Isael Silvershadow in Hunters Village, get – Isael’s InstructionsOrders
  28. Isael

  29. Go in Plains of the Lizardmen, hunt:
    Leto Lizardman Shaman, until you get – Talin’s Spear BladeTalins Spear Bladeand Talin’s Spear ShaftTalins Spear Shaft
    Leto Lizardman Overlord, until you get – Talin’s RubyRuby, Talin’s AquamarineAquamarine, Talin’s AmethystAmethystand Talin’s PeridotPeridot
  30. Plains of the Lizardmen

  31. Come back to Isael Silvershadow in Hunters Village, get – Talins SpearTalins Spearand Isael’s LetterLetter
  32. Talking to Thalia on east bank Iris Lake
  33. Near Iris Lake hunt with Talins SpearTalins SpearQuest Monster Tears of Unicorn, get – Tears of UnicornTears of Unicorn
  34. Tears of Unicorn

  35. Back to Thalia on east coast Iris Lake
  36. Thalia

  37. Speak to Hierarch Asterios in Temple of Eve, in Elven Village, get – Camomile CharmCamomile Charm
  38. Speak to Master Cardien in Warriors Guild, in Dion and get a reward


Test of the Champion

  1. Quest starts in Oren, talk to Duelist Kaien in Warriors Guild, get – Order GludioOrders Gludio, Order DionOrders Dionа, Order GiranOrders Giran, Order OrenOrders Oren, Order AdenaOrders Adena
  2. Kaien

  3. Go in Ivory Tower Crater, hunt – Enchanted Monstereye, until you collect Enchanted Eye MeatEnchanted Eye Meat— 10
  4. Ivory Tower Crater

  5. Go in Hunters Village, by west of the village hunt –
  6. Tamlin Orc

  7. Go in Plains of the Lizardmen, hunt – Leto Lizardman Overlord, until you collect Chief’s AmuletAmulet— 10
  8. Plains of the Lizardmen

  9. Go in Breka Stronghold, hunt – Breka Orc Overlord, until you collect Overlord NecklaceOverlord Necklace— 10
  10. Breka Stronghold

  11. Go in Hardins Academy, hunt – Fettered Soul, until you collect Fettered Soul’s ChainFettered Souls Chain— 10
  12. Hardins Academy

  13. Go in Cruma Marshlands, hunt – Marsh Stakato Drone, until you collect Drone’s ChitinChitin— 10
  14. Cruma Marshlands

  15. Go in Execution Grounds, hunt – Dead Seeker, until you collect Dead Seeker FangDead Seeker Fang— 10
  16. Execution Grounds

  17. Go in Wasteland, hunt – Puncher, until you collect Puncher’s ShardPunchers Shard— 10
  18. Wasteland

  19. Go in The Ant Nest, hunt – Noble Ant Leader, until you collect Noble Ant LeaderNoble Ant Leader— 10
  20. The Ant Nest

  21. Return to Duelist Kaien in Warrior Guild, in Oren, get – Final OrderFinal Order
  22. Go in Cruma Tower, hunt 1st floor:
    • Krator, until you collect Krator’s ShardDivine Stone of Wisdom— 3
    • Excuro, until you collect Excuro’s SkinAnimal Skin— 3
  23. Cruma Tower

  24. Go in Hardins Academy, hunt monsters – Grandis, until you collect Grandi’s SkinSkin— 3
  25. Hardins Academy

  26. Go in Hunters Village, hunt – Lakin, until you collect Lakin’s MaceLakins Mace— 3
  27. Lakin

  28. Go to Timak Outpost, hunt – Timak Orc Overlord, until you collect Timak Orc’s BeltTimak Orcs Belt— 3
  29. Timak Outpost

  30. Talk again to Duelist Kaien in Oren and get reward.