Tunic Verpesa


Tunic VerpesaTunic VerpesaRank S84

Vorpal Tunic

  • Type: Upper Armor
  • Weight: 1750
  • Physical Protection: 132
  • MP bonus: 649
  • Number of crystals: 2010 Crystal: Rank SCrystal: Rank S
  • Cost of printing: 10,470,000 Aden/AdenAncient AdenAncient Aden

You can remove the seal from the armor and accessories from the Smith Mammon, rank S80 and above – at the Master ishuma in the Air Harbor gludio

You can also enter the PvP bonus:

Tunic VerpesaTunic Verpesa PvP Rank S84(Vorpal Tunic PvP)

Reduces the damage you get in PvP. When a character is attacked, there is a chance to downgrade Chance Crete. Strike and Force Crete. Hitting the enemy.

Cost of adding PvP bonus: 10500 Glory

After inserting the PvP bonus, you can't insert LS, attributes, essences (for armor) into the subject.